A Piece of the Picture


In this activity, you will show family members several zoomed-in images and have them guess what they are looking at before revealing the “whole picture” – the zoomed-out image.

Time Required: 10 minutes
Ages: 5 and up

What You Need:

  • “A Piece of the Picture” images – downloaded on your computer or device or printed out
  • 1 piece of paper
  • Something to write with for each member of the family


Give each family member a piece of paper and writing utensil. Explain that there are two versions of each picture you are going to show them – a zoomed-in picture, and the actual picture. When you show them the zoomed-in picture, they are to guess what the actual picture is by writing it down on their piece of paper. Then show the actual picture and see how many family members got it right. Continue this process for all the pictures. When you have gone through all the pictures, figure out who got the most right and declare that family member the winner.

Adaptation for younger children: Make this a matching game – spread the zoomed-in pictures out on one side of the table and the actual pictures on the other side. Have your child decide which zoomed-in picture goes with each actual picture.


  • What was difficult about this activity? Which picture was the most difficult to guess?
  • In life, do we ever not know the whole story about an event in the world or something that happens at school or in our family? How is that like this activity?
  • When we try hard to understand both sides of a story and get more information about something, we call that “getting the whole picture.”
  • How would the world be a better place if everyone tried to get the whole picture?
  • What are some things we can do better to “get the whole picture” in our family?
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