Small Win Stretch

Rock Bottom Resilience – Booster: Go For A Small Win

Family Activity: Small Win Stretch

Time Required: 5 minutes

Ages: 3 and up

Introduction: Going for a small win means that you celebrate small successes as important steps toward greater resilience. This simple stretching activity shows family members that even a small amount of extra effort can bring improvement.

What you need:
• Nothing!

Have family members stand up. Ask them to stretch their arms into the air as high as they can. When they have done this, tell them that they can put their hands back down to their sides. Once again, ask them to put their hands into the air and try to stretch higher than they did the time before. Generally, family members will stretch higher the second time.

• Did you stretch higher the second time?
• Why did you stretch higher the second time when I asked you to stretch as high as you could the first time?
• Do you think if you kept practicing this stretch you could get even better?
• Do you think in life there are things we can keep getting better at little by little?
• We call little successes “small wins.” Can you think of a time this week you had a “small win” that is leading you to a bigger goal?

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